It all began last July.

Erin & Baby Carter's Story

I was getting my first ultrasound at 19 weeks, with my pregnant belly covered in gel, when I was told: "Bub looks good, but your placenta is covering your cervix".

Placenta Previa. And it was bad. I could lose the baby. I could die.

My pregnancy history was not good. I'd miscarried five times before.

I knew we were in for a rough ride, me and the little baby inside me. But I had no idea just how rough.

From this point it was the Royal Flying Doctor Service that flew me to Sydney when I was 27 weeks pregnant and having contractions too early. And it was RFDS Flight Nurse Jamie that helped remove all of Carter's tubes for the very first time.

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"Without the Flying Doctor there’s a very good chance Carter wouldn’t have made it. We never thought something like this would happen to us. You never do. But we were wrong. It can happen to anyone."

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